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Healthy Beginnings 


From the moment a child is born parents strive to establish feeding routines that will support their child's healthy growth and development. Feeding a child, however, can often be quite challenging. Concerns and questions about intake, weight gain, feeding schedules, discomfort/upset during feedings, spitting up/vomiting, picky eaters, and proper nutrition are quite common. Some parents report that, despite their tremendous effort, their child refuses to eat, cries during meals, takes in too little to support adequate weight gain/growth or accepts an extremely limited variety of foods. These children may be showing signs of a feeding problem or swallowing disorder (dysphagia). Understanding your child's feeding cues during infancy and toddlerhood will support positive feeding behaviors throughout their feeding development. 


Pediatric Feeding Care was developed to provide support, education and guidance for families struggling with feeding and/or swallowing issues. Care is provided to promote successful and safe feeding techniques with special attention given to creating a calm environment in which to feed, understand and bond with your child.   




Feeding your Child and Growing Together

Alisa Fritzhand MA. CCC-SLP

Feeding Specialist Serving Westchester, NY
Tel: (914) 582-4708

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  • Signs and Symptoms 

  • Common Causes (Etiologies)

  • Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Individualized Treatment Plan

  • Counseling and Education


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